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Theodor Bigu.

I am a Web Developer

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Hi, I'm _

About Me

Hi, I'm Theodor, a self-taught Frontend developer studying at Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Bucharest.
My main focus is web development but I also code in Java, C++.

Even though I consider myself language agnostic, here are some of my favourite tools:




My Projects

Luxa Flower Shop

Skills used:


Luxa Flower Shop is a Full Stack E-Commerce website. This project includes a register/login system, you can browse through different products loaded from a PostgreSQL database. This project helped me have a better understanding of the server side and database administration.

See the code:

Crypto Tracker is the first project that I created using a React framework,Next.js. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become very popular lately and I thought it is a good ideea to create a website where you can see important information about them. You can see how much it is worth 1 of every coin in USD, how much it has gone up or down in the last 24h, and if you click on it you will be sent to a page where you will see only that coin's information. I have learned a lot building this site including basics of React and Next.js, fetching data from an API and how to use a React library like Framer Motion.

See the code:

Crypto Tracker

Skills used:

CoinGecko API
Framer Motion

Caramel Popcorn TV

Skills used:

Material UI
React Router

Caramel Popcorn TV is a web app built with React and Material UI meant for searching movies and TV series. You can find information about the cast and rating, a short description for each movie and also the trailer.

See the code:

Braincode Blog

Skills used:


Braincode Blog is my personal blog where I write about my 2 passions: web development and graffiti. It was built with Next.js, Tailwin.css and GraphQL. The blog content is moderated with GraphCMS. Go and leave a comment on any of my posts

See the code:


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